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Game Overview

KickinNutrition.TV “StudenTopia” point-and-click adventure game is based on KNTV’s episodes and characters. Players are whisked into their virtual high school where chaos reigns as a reality television crew kicks out all the school faculty and puts the students in charge of classes and maintain normal operations of the school. The player’s character is put in charge of the cafeteria and must use the kitchen’s resources and their knowledge of nutrition to help their friends survive whatever StudenTopia throw at them. Try it out!
Episode Descriptions:

The Great Debate

Reyna is in for more than she can handle as the whole school gets turned upside-down by a reality TV show. Help her prepare for a big debate about nutrition.

Get Ready to Rumble

Devon is in charge of the wrestling team and he needs you to make the team breakfast so they can prepare for the big wrestling meet. To the grocery store!

Countdown to Lunch

You're in charge of the cafeteria and you're out of food! Get help from your friends to raise money for the kitchen and get food to restock the school's pantry.

Chasing Rainbows

The school Pep Rally is coming up and it's Max's job to set up a colorful display for the event. Help him find partner snacks to make a healthy selection.

The Aluminum Chef

Stacy is getting everything ready for a big robotics competition against a mysterious opponent. Help her collect the things she needs for the robot to have it cook a healthy meal.

Sugar & Salt Sabotage

StudenTopia has completely sold out the school to Jarod's dad's fast food chain, Beelzeburger. Work with your friends to sabotage the reality show and get them out of the school.