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Finky's Rock & Roll Chicken Fingers Recipe

Rockin n' Roll Chicken Fingers
Prep Time: 
30 minutes
Cook Time: 
30 minutes
Total Time: 
60 minutes
Mess Rating: 
3 (out of 5)
4 (1 1/2 pounds)
Skinless chicken breast halves
Large egg whites
2 cups
Crushed whole wheat pretzels
2 tablespoons
Olive oil
Equipment Needed: 
Cutting board
Meat tenderizer
1 gallon
plastic bag
Small bowls
Large dishes with sides
Sheet trays
Pot holders
Setting Up: 
Step 1:
Set Up
Have you A.G. (Adult Guide) preheat the oven to 400°F. Wash your hands with soap and water. Lay out your ingredients and equipment.
Step 2:
Cut The Chicken
Work with you’re A.G (Adult Guide) to cut the chicken breasts into strips, about 6 per chicken breast. Put the cut chicken to the side.
Step 3:
Separate The Eggs
Using three bowls, crack the eggs, separating the egg whites from the yolks. Watch our video to see how this is done. Wash your hands with soap and water to avoid any cross-contamination with the egg.
Step 4:
Smash The Pretzels
Put the whole wheat pretzels in a ziplock bag and place it on top of a cutting board. Smash it with a meat tenderizer or the back of a small saute pan. Using a cutting board is important so you don't smash your counter top too! (Watch your fingers!) Empty the ziplock bag into a large dish with sides, like a pie tin.
Step 5:
Coat The Chicken
Dip each chicken piece in the bowl of egg whites. Drain the excess whites. Dip the chicken pieces in the coating and shake of excess. Lay the coated chicken pieces on a cooking pan or tray. Wash your hands with soap and water to avoid any cross-contamination.
Step 6:
Add The Seasonings
Spray the olive oil on the tops of the chicken fingers. Do not add any unused olive oil from the bowl, as the uncooked chicken juices would be in it. Depending on the coating you picked, you may need to add some salt to the chicken fingers. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the chicken fingers on the tray.
Cooking Steps: 
Step 7:
Cook The Chicken
Once the oven is preheated to 400 degrees, have you A.G. (Adult Guide) put the tray in the oven. Cook for about 15-20 minutes. The chicken is done when it registers 165 degrees on a cooking thermometer. It should be lightly browned. If your chicken registers lower than 165°F, be sure to wash your thermometer off with soap and water before you recheck the temperature so that you don't introduce bacteria into the cooked chicken. Your A.G. (Adult Guide) should remove from the oven using pot holders.
Step 8:
How To Serve
Let the chicken fingers cool slightly before putting on plate. Serve while warm. Portion should be about the size of a deck of cards- about four ounces of meat.
Step 9:
Alternatives and Substitutions
Other foods can be used for this crushed coating, such as low fat, low sodium crackers or bread crumbs. You can also use chicken tenders or strips instead of chicken breast halves. These are already but if you do not have olive oil spray, you can use a pastry brush to put olive oil on the tops of the chicken finger. Note that if you spray, you usually will use less oil, and this will be better for your health! If you are not a fan of salt, you can leave out the pinch of salt.