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Frozen Fruit Pops Recipe

Recipe courtesy of Power of Choice, USDA
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Prep Time: 
5 minutes
Mess Rating: 
1 (out of 5)
8 oz
Crushed pineapple
1 cup
Low fat or fat free fruit yogurt
6 oz
Orange juice concentrate, calcium fortified
Equipment Needed: 
Paper cups
Wooden popiscle sticks
Setting Up: 
Step 1:
Mixin' It Up
Mix all ingredients in a medium bowl.
Step 2:
Divide Into 4.
Divide into 4 paper cups.
Step 3:
Freeze it.
Freeze for 1 hour. Insert a wooden popsicle stick halfway through the center of each fruit pop.
Step 4:
Frozen Delights.
Freeze until hard, at least 4 hours. Peel away paper cup before eating.