Subscription Pricing

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Subscriptions provide 24/7 Access for 1 Semester, 1 School year, or 1 Summer

KickinNutrition.TV Online Health/Nutrition & Wellness Curriculum
Curriculum Menu Includes:
■ Six Play-and-Pause Engaging Video Lessons
(40+min each) - Utilizing comedy, relatable storylines, diverse characters, hip music, & research and evidence-based, peer-to-peer nutrition education instruction and cooking demonstrations, as well as celebrities appearing as role models to prompt engagement in healthier lifestyles. Educators moderate videos, class discussions and in-class activities with all individualized materials available for download directly from the website and 24/7 access online for educators and each individual content.
■ 1-2 Hour Live Webinar Teacher Training
Introduces educators to the program, walk-through features and activate their personal accounts (up to 50 teachers)
■ 24/7 Access to Robust Teacher Support Resources, Troubleshooting & Email Support
Resources that explain the digital tools, and outline interactive and hands-on activities to facilitate teaching content. KNTV account managers who are available by phone or email for each teacher enrolled in the program. This service also includes newsletters to boost teacher engagement!
■ 1-Time Tech Setup Support
Provided by KNTV tech team for each school location (as necessary).
■ In-depth Teacher & Student Metrics Reporting
Delivered to School Admin via email to monitor teacher-use, student-use and impact of the program and related online activities through KNTV's robust back-end data system.
■ 11 Level "Badge" System
Rewards students for interacting online, creating self-assessments and uploading content at home - moving from "Dishwasher" to "Top Chef!"
■ 1 School-wide or District-wide Campaign
Parents, children, and schools/communities engage in sharing of content to reinforce learning and to win prizes within a safe, contained envrionment.

“Through our charity organization we are able to give the gift of health to youth and families underserved communities. Contact us in the event that funds are not available for school or community health/nutrition and wellness education. Every child deserves a chance to lead a healthier life! We want to help.”