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KickinNutrition.TV Online Health/Nutrition & Wellness Curriculum
Curriculum Menu Includes:
■ Six Modular Engaging Video Lessons
Each (25-minute) video utilizes comedy, relatable storylines, diverse characters, hip music & research-based nutrition instruction, peer-led, real-time cooking demonstrations, and in-class fitness breaks led by NBA & NFL superstars and champion boxers. Videos can be shown in full or played-and- paused for more flexible use, including flipped classroom use with student subscribers. *requires internet access for video streaming
■ Educational Resource & Activity Materials – for easy and flexible implementation
o Teacher Lesson Plans
o Healthy, Affordable Recipes featured –for easy download *some Spanish-language
o Group Activity Guides with Materials & Props - Just Print and Go!
o Teacher-Student Discussion Guides
o Supplemental Homework to reinforce skills and learning at home!
o Assessment Materials & Learning Objectives
o Grid of Core Curriculum & National Health Education Standards Aligned by grade
o Bonus Videos & More Cool Recipes
■ Online Quizzes and Polls
Students Earn Badges & Points and advance from DISHWASHER to MASTER CHEF by completing Action Plans and uploading and sharing recipes, photos, and videos on KNTV’s safe platform.
■ Professional Training, Development & Tech Support includes
o 24/7 Access to Robust Support Resources on the portal
o 24/7 Troubleshooting Support

“Through our charity organization we are able to give the gift of health to youth and families underserved communities. Contact us in the event that funds are not available for school or community health/nutrition and wellness education. Every child deserves a chance to lead a healthier life! We want to help.”

KickinNutrition.TV improves youth knowledge, awareness, critical thinking, and skills in choosing and preparing nutrient-rich foods in their daily lives. The program objectives are to understand how overall healthy habits are impacted by the quality of foods consumed, energy balance, disease-prevention strategies, media literacy and exercise. KNTV has reached 70,000 students in FL, TN, NC, KY, DL, CA, MA, NY, WV, LA. The program is a valued resource for SNAP-ED programs and 4-H National.

    Measurable Impact on Health Behavior

  • Measurable increase in reported readiness to change and self-efficacy
  • 57% increase in confidence in knowing proper portions of foods to choose.
  • 54% increase in reported Daily breakfast consumption.
  • 44% increase in youths choosing not the eat a fast-food meal in the past week.

    Measurable Knowledge Acquisition

  • Making my own snacks
  • Identifying and eating whole grain foods daily
  • Helping to cook family dinner
  • Eating low-fat dairy foods daily
  • Drinking water more often
  • Reading Nutrition Facts labels
  • Choosing proper portions