Core Curriculum Alignment & National Health Education Standards

Since 2005, KidsCOOK Productions (KCP) and Ingredients for Education (IFE) have been creating and evaluating multimedia, innovative, educational programs that promote healthy eating and wellness. KickInNutrition.TV's comprehensive health and wellness curriculum is designed for students in grades 4-8, is aligned with the National Health and Education Standards, and is integrated with Core Curriculum Standards.
KNTV research has shown that by focusing content and instruction to meet NHES guidelines through the use of KNTV peer-taught lessons, that outcomes can be met to improve students' knowledge, awareness, and skill set for choosing, preparing and including nutrient-rich foods in their daily diets. Students will understand how overall health and well-being are impacted by the quality of foods they consume, energy balance, disease-prevention strategies, and exercise. KNTV strategies and programs promote behavior and environmental change.