Educators Rave About our Program's Impact!

  • BELL Academy, Queens, NYC
    Shout out from Kimberley Jackson-Brow, Program Director, about KNTV in BELL afterschool program!

  • Harlem Village Academies, NYC
    Shout of from Sanai, Student, on KNTV Impact!

  • Pinellas County Schools, Florida
    Peggy Johns, Pre-K -12 Health Education Specialist raves about KickinNutrition.TVs exciting and innovative approach to teach nutrition education in her district!

  • Harlem Village Academy Middle, Harlem NYC
    Shout of from Jason McFall, PE Teacher, about KNTV in his classroom!

  • Harlem Village Academy Middle, Harlem NYC
    Shout out from Ashley, Student, about KNTV's impact on her life!

  • Maria L. Baldwin School, Cambridge MA
    Shout out from Maria L. Baldwin School!

  • Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 School, Dorchester, MA
    Shout out from Principal Bolt!

"I've been using the KickinNutrition curriculum with my 5th graders…it's so well tailored to the age group. It's very interactive. Kids are moving, kids are doing activities. It's not a health teacher, it's not their parents, it's kids their age telling them the difference between what good nutrition is and what bad nutrition is. If they didn't hear it in the lessons they probably wouldn’t hear it ever. I would recommend this curriculum for other schools. KickinNutrition curriculum is actually telling us what we need to hear."
- Paul LoFaso, Physical Education Teacher, Harlem Village Academies, NY
"The kids love the energy, the animation, they just love being a part of it. And not only that but also getting the nuts and bolts of essential nutrition so we definitely love it here at HVA middle school. In terms of nutrition, I think that this is a very nice platform to be able to use. Its very interactive, its easy to use, the kids can take it upon themselves to go on and learn a little more outside of the classroom. Its what we call a take home project so that's what they've been able to do with their parents, friends, sisters, aunts, and cousins. And they're able to learn a little bit more than they would from reading it in a book; and hopefully, it will resonate later. I think this is going to be the new wave. The kids love it and I’m definitely two thumbs up for it."
- Jason McFall, Physical Education Teacher, Harlem Village Academies, NY
"KickinNutrition.TV is just what our kids need to discover healthy eating on their own. No preaching! No boring lessons! Instead, the super cool videos allow tweens to observe healthy eating through videos and to hone their knowledge and skills through fun games that students control! I am thrilled to be able to provide this outstanding new resource to our students and teachers."
- Peggy Johns, Supervisor, Pre K-12 Health Education, Pinellas County Schools, FL
“There is no other multi-platform program that so directly engages children through online and episodic and musical television content. KickinKitchen.TV is a truly innovative product that delivers educational content with integrity and clear goals. I believe that KickinKitchen.TV can make an important contribution to how we address our nation’s childhood obesity crisis. KickinKitchen.TV is made for the generation that is most critically affected by this epidemic. I believe that KidsCOOK Productions is well positioned to create an additional product that would be attractive to educational institutions, after school organizations and health clinics. KickinKitchen.TV can quite possibly change the nutrition education landscape for future generations by providing interactive tools to convey nutrition concepts to a targeted audience that responds to stories, music, kid-to-kid interactions and interactivity.”
-David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, Director Yale University Prevention Research Center
“I believe that [KKTV] educational package is unique and clearly fills both a need and a niche for high quality, evidence-based nutrition education curriculum materials serving students specifically in the middle school years. Furthermore, the novel combination of digital media, high entertainment value, and experiential learning provides a distinct means of engaging students and empowering healthy habits in their everyday lives. The KickinKitchen.TV curriculum bundle also lies in its ease of implementation and limited burden of prep time required of classroom teachers.”
-Susan Cowell, Wellness Content Specialist Medfield Public Schools
“I believe that this educationl model clearly fills a need in our technical world. The KickinNutrition.TV program offers an entertaining experience to hook the children on cooking and eating healthy meals. With your nutrition education curriculum, I can envision that children will find learning about healthy foods to be both fun and exciting.”
-Pauline Carey, Health Education Specialist Medfield Public Schools
“The novel combination of digital media, high entertainment value, and experiential learning provides a distinct means of engaging students and empowering healthy habits in their everyday lives. Once tested and available in the educational marketplace, I would purchase the KickinKitchen.TV curriculum bundle for use in my school district if competitively priced.”
-David E. Gibbs Wellness Consultant Foxborough Public Schools
“KidsCOOK Productions was rigorously selected as one of 125 MassChallenge Finalists in 2011, out of 733 applicants. Through an extremely competitive process, only 15 businesses, including KidsCOOK Productions, were chosen for our Social Impact category. I would like to express my highest respect for the team at KidsCOOK Productions, and their program “KickinKitchen.TV.” Executive Producer Natasha Lance Rogoff has assembled an impressive team of committed and talented individuals and a stellar advisory board that, in my experienced opinion, is a recipe for success.”
-Akhil Nigam – Founder and President MassChallenge Inc.
“The New York City Mayor’s office is thrilled to be presenting such a high quality program, which not only entertains but also educates kids on leading healthy lives. I strongly support KidsCOOK Productions as a small business that is doing tremendously innovative work that can positively impact the health and well being of indigent populations in the New York City area.”
-Katherine Oliver, Commissioner The City of New York Mayor’s Office of Media And Entertainment
“I believe that KidsCOOK Production’s program, KickinKitchen.TV, fills an important gap in children’s nutrition and wellness education. KickinKitchen.TV and its associated website, provide a unique tool to improve the health, and eating habits of young people. Any healthcare professional or institution interested in reducing the prevalence of diet related chronic illnesses should be interested in propagating the KickinKitchen.TV product.”
-Michael L. Blau, Partner Foley & Lardner LLP
“KickinKitchen.TV’s highly entertaining series engages kids with relatable educational programming that empowers children with the tools, motivation, and literacy to improve their nutrition and health. The interactive component of KickinKitchen.TV is particularly exciting for us at WGBH, as it presents tremendous educational outreach opportunities across the country. I would like to commend the creative and talented team at KidsCOOK Productions in their fresh approach with KickinKitchen.TV. By combining comedy, cooking, and educational takeways, KidsCOOK Productions is taking an active role in changing the environment in which our children grow, learn, play, and experience food and health. Public television is an ideal home for the series KickinKitchen.TV.”
-Kate Taylor, Senior Executive Producer Children’s Programming WGBH

"KickinKitchen will be a beautiful program to have in the schools. I think this is a program that will help our young men and young ladies understand their eating patterns. The students were able to see all that sugar in a soda can… they were very quiet as they watched this and I think it's a good program for the kids.
- Jessica Bolt, Former Principal – Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

"Being a part of it has taught me so much about food, and being healthy, and I've even changed the way that I've been eating…it's opened up my eyes to so many new ways to eat and stay healthy, but also have fun."
- Simone Senibaldi, “Reyna” – KickinNutrition.TV Star

"The KickinNutrition game is really fun, and the characters look like the characters from the episodes. They have really good graphics- I learned how to eat healthy foods and eat better."
- Jade, 5th Grader – Maria L. Baldwin School

"I learned that healthy foods can be good too…"
- Tisa, 5th Grader- Maria L. Baldwin School

"I learned about balanced meals, which I didn't know before. I would really like to recommend this game to my friends, because it's kind of up my alley, and my friends like the same kind of game. So, it's kind of like…awesome."
- Caleb, 5th Grader - Maria L. Baldwin School