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KickinNutrition.TV is a new, evidence-based digital nutrition and wellness curriculum program for grades 4-7!

  • "KickinNutrition.TV is just what our kids need to discover healthy eating on their own. No preaching! No boring lessons! Instead, the super cool videos allow tweens to observe healthy eating through videos and to hone their knowledge and skills through fun games that students control!"
    - Peggy Johns, Supervisor, Pre K-12 Health Education, Pinellas County School District, FL
  • "KickinNutrition.TV is the most fantastic show I’ve ever seen. Because I saw the show, I had my mom throw away her Pepsi bottle and we started singing ‘drinking my smoothie’ and making smoothies for everyone."
    - Senai Orum, 5th Grade Student, Harlem Village Academy Charter School, NYC, NY
  • "I would recommend KickinNutrition.TV to any school or after school program because of the ease and the genuine excitement you see from the kids on screen. KickinNutrition.TV is fun, fast-paced, and all together a really amazing program that can change the way kids look at food for the better."
    - Jada Kelly, Health and Fitness Manager, PUC Schools, Burbank, CA
  • "KickinNutrition.TV is a way to bridge learning and culinary traditions between the home life and schools. It is a great idea that they are able write recipes, which is key on literacy, and they’re able to measure food, which is math, so they’re able to learn during the school day in a fun way. They don’t even realize that they’re learning. I cannot say enough good things about KickinNutrition,"
    - Kimberley Jackson-Brown, Program Director, BELL Academy, Queens, NY

Our Kickin' Curriculum

Common Core and NHES Aligned

KNTV health/nutrition education lessons are comprehensive and aligned with Core Curriculum and National Health Education Standards. KickinNutrition.TV is effective because it makes health education easy for teachers and fun for students. Six core video lessons are reinforced by an online experience that includes an interactive online game, opportunity for sharing content online, and a point and badge system that rewards learning.


KNTV's research-tested and evidence-based curriculum, created and updated in collaboration with nutrition experts and advisors from Boston University, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and MIT. It has been meticulously designed to teach core health and nutrition lessons and is constantly improved based on health-literacy and behavioral data.

Resources at the Ready

KNTV’s comprehensive online curriculum comes with resources to help teachers get started and enhance their use of KickinNutrition.TV in the classroom, including: a teacher tutorial video and instruction manual; in-class activity materials; and assessment tools for both students and teachers – all easily accessible online. The KNTV recipe reduces teacher preparation time while maximizing quality time for in-class learning and shared experiences.

Ingredients for success that you won't find in any textbook.

Video Lessons

At the heart of our curriculum are 6 peer-taught video lessons featuring Reyna, an aspiring chef, and her friends who face nutrition dilemmas and learn about nutrition concepts.

"Shared Kitchen" Online Engagement

Students can safely share recipes, photos, and other content with their teacher, classmates, and family, extending learning into the home!

Quizzes and Polls

Fun food-themed personality tests for kids and adults!

Physical Fitness

In the "MOVE IT" portion of each lesson, a professional athlete gets kids out of their seats for a 3-5 minute burst of in-class activity. (No gym required!)

Rewards & Badging Incentives & Campaigns

Students can earn badges and rise from 'Line Cook' to 'Top Chef' for sharing content in 'Shared Kitchen', playing StudenTopia, and participating in campaigns.

Contact us for discounts on multi-year purchases and to see if your school qualifies for free distribution.